Individual Follow Ups

The team at the Justice Center support individuals throughout the entire process of the judicial and correctional systems. We receive self-referrals and referrals from partner organizations. Services include follow ups, accompaniments, crisis intervention, referrals, elaboration of wellness plans and support with reintegration, etc.

If you are having difficulties stabilizing your legal situation or need some information and support, please do not hesitate to give us a call!

Bail and Release Plans: A Key Resource
The services offered by the First Peoples Justice Center can be included as a key resource in a person’s bail plan or prison release plan. Whether you are interested in accessing group activities or individual support, the team at FPJCM understands that addressing your legal situation often includes working on your wellbeing and finding balance in your life.

Do not hesitate to give us a call, we are here to assist you.

Healing Groups

Medicine Bundle
The FPJCM has cedar, sage, sweetgrass, and tobacco available for Indigenous community members. Please see Amy at the centre, or email

Land-based Activities

In collaboration with the Healing Lodge (Cedar and Gold), the First Peoples Justice Center of Montreal’s offers land-based activities such as Medicine Walks on Mont-Royal and a traditional trapping workshop in the forest. These two-day retreats are held at a hunting camp in the Reserve Faunique Papineau-Labelle with Huron-Wendat hunter and teacher Médérik Sioui. Participants escape the concrete jungle and go out on the land to learn about trapping / hunting, share stories and connect with themselves, each other and the land in a healthy way. (Pending due to Covid 19)

Elder Support
Looking to get in touch with an Elder? You can meet with Tom Dearhouse, our in-house Elder. Tom is a Mohawk and Ojibway helper, counselor and pipe carrier.

Wellness and Cultural Programming
The FPJCM is always offering programming, like sharing circles, wellness hang outs, land-based activities or cultural workshops (beadwork, sealskin and leather work, etc.). Give us a call for more details!

Municipal Court Accompaniment Program

Do you need support with your tickets or your minor criminal charges at the Municipal Court of Montreal?

The First Peoples Justice Center and the City of Montreal is in the process of adapting a municipal court program to First Nations, Inuit and Métis residing in Montréal. The goal of the program is to offer a restorative alternative to the regular judicial process and to stabilize your legal situation by working on your well-being.

Who can take part in the program?
Any Indigenous person who has or is facing difficulties related to trauma, housing, mental health as well as addiction and has a penal and/or criminal accusations at the Ville de Montréal Municipal Court. The program is voluntary, you can withdraw from the program at any time.

How to join the program?
Individuals who decide to participate in the program are referred by the First Peoples Justice Center, as well as community workers, defence attorneys, or prosecutors.

Victim Services

Have you experienced violence or a situation where you felt you were the victim of a crime or colonial system? The staff at the FPJCM can support you through active listening, referral and accompaniment. Don’t hesitate to get in touch, we are here for you!

Restorative Justice

The First Peoples Justice Center is currently working towards developing alternative healing options for Indigenous persons involved in the justice system in Montreal. As we have seen across urban centers in Canada, community-led justice initiatives are crucial to supporting those involved in the legal system to develop and sustain their healing journey.

Connection to Community
Want to give back to Montreal’s urban Indigenous community? The FPJCM can help you with your compensatory hours or community hours. We can also get you connected with cultural resources and community activities.

Alternative measures and mediation
The FPJCM can support you with your charges at the municipal and provincial court. We are working on developing a community justice program to offer alternatives to the current process at the courts. This program can also help people who are not involved in the legal system but are looking for mediation or alternative forms of justice.

Transition Support

This program is for Indigenous people who are incarcerated and are preparing their correctional development and personal wellness plan as they near their parole, or who have already been released and are seeking support to reintegrate into urban society.

The Indigenous Transition Program is committed to meeting the physical needs for housing, food security, employment placement and skills development training. In addition, our service focuses on reconnection to body, mind and spirit, which is an essential component to promoting balance in one’s life.

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